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Puppy feeding guidelines

The first 7 weeks

Mothers milk contains many important nutrients for puppies immature immunity system. Their mother’s milk provides them with the nutrition and antibodies they need to become healthy dogs. At three to four weeks, puppies should begin eating some solid food. Provided the solid food contains Pre- and Probitics, like in Golden Eagle™, there should be no digestion problems, diarhea or stomach upsets. Also smell of feces very limited. At weaning, mix three parts Golden Eagle ™ Puppy food with one part water or puppy replacement milk. This will make the food easier for the puppy to digest. Place dry Golden Eagle™ Puppy kibble separately on the side around 6 weeks and puppies should slowly start preferring the dry food and once puppies are at abt 7-8 weeks, they should be eating dry food alone. (remember-have fresh water ALWAYS available)


6 to 8 weeks

Feed your puppies 3-4 times a day. Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. Golden Eagle ™ Holistic Puppy provides all the appropriate balance of nutrients for your puppies needs.


After 8 weeks

Feed your puppy twice or three times a day. If your breed is prone for bone growth problems like hip dysplacia, OD and such, switch to Large&Giant Breed Puppy, which has moderate energy levels to nutritionally support their steady growth, limiting the effects of too fast growth resulting to different kinds of nutrient related bone growth problems.


3 to 12 months

Your puppy will be teething. He may become a finicky eater or lose his appetite. Keep feeding him nutritious Golden Eagle™ Holistic Puppy food twice or three times a day. Your puppy may look all grown up but he is still a puppy. For small and medium breeds, it should still be fed puppy food for the added nutrition. Ask your veterinarian when you should switch to adult food. (For Large&Giant Breeds –see above)

Make sure the adult food you switch to is still Golden Eagle™ all natural and healthy food, containing Pre- and Probiotics supporting the just developing immune system, without any chemicals or synthetic materials, as these are suspected to cause changes in genetic make-up and may be detrimental to your pets health.


+1 year

Smaller breeds can start on adult food when they are about a year old. Larger breeds should stay on a moderate diet like Large&Giant Breed Puppy food until they are fully mature which is usually about 14-18 months of age. Fully matured means bones have fully formed to support the increased weight. In a growing Large&Giant Breed, the joints during growth are pure cartillage and very prone to bone overgrowth as well as damage from excessive exercise and overfeeding. Giant breeds need to stay on moderate nutrition – Large&Giant Breed Puppy, Golden Eagle Holistic Health Salmon or Holistic Health Duck – until 18 months of age, and can continue on this diet for the rest of their lives or change to Holistic Health Large&Giant Breed Adult.



Feed Golden Eagle™ Holistic petfoods for healthy and vibrant life. Choose the feed which feels and looks best for your dog. There are no direct instructions, as each dog is an individual and they all process feeds differently. This is why we have several different types of feeds, 6 multiple protein diets, 3 single protein diets of Duck, Salmon and Lamb, and 2 grainfree formulas to suit different nutritional needs.



When a dog gets older, its methabolic system starts slowing down. Exercise is reduced, its capability to process and digest protein is reduced, it needs less energy. These are the main reasons for our very special Golden Eagle™ Senior food with higher protein contents to still supply the protein needs, but less fat for reduced activity level, instead of high carbohydrate levels, usually resulting to lack of required protein.


The better the health of the bitch and stud is at mating, the better potential there is for healthy puppies and large litter sizes. Our recommendations is to switch into Golden Eagle™ Power/Performance or Puppy already 2-4 weeks before mating. This is to make sure all nutritional factors and hormone levels are at their peak for maximum results. The bitch is to go back on Puppy food for the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, when the nutritional needs of the growing puppies are at their highest. Bitch needs tremendous amounts of energy and nutrition during the lactating period and recommendations is to use Golden Eagle™ Puppy food until weaning.


Mixing: Mix three parts Golden Eagle™ Puppy (giant breeds: Golden Eagle LargeBreed Puppy) food with one part water. Water can be replaced with Puppy replacement milk or goat milk, if the puppies need to gain more weight (due to lack of milk from the mother etc.).


All Golden Eagle foods contain pre- and probiotics to help the digestive system to adapt to fight disease and process feed ingredients more efficiently.


Note: Never mind how thoroughly you treat your bitch with deworming medication, there may always be worms left in the system. In order to prepare for the puppies to utilize the nutrition from the upcoming feeding regime, it may be important to begin deworming at 2-2½ weeks old. Repeating every 2nd weeks until the puppy leaves for its new home, and recommend the new owners to repeat deworming every other month until the puppy is 6 months of age.

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