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Why Feed Golden Eagle Holistic Health® ?

Golden Eagle Holistic Health® pet food has been formulated using only fresh, natural, wholesome pet food ingredients from each of the five food groups. And our Golden Eagle Holistic Health® innovative cooking methods by the worlds most modern cooking processes ensure pet foods unequalled in healthful, nutritional benefits.

Golden Eagle Holistic Health® dog and cat food recipes are based on the most advanced research in animal health. The latest findings in genetic research showing the effects of chemicals and un-natural substances in pet foods creating havoc in pets health and potentially having unhealthy and dangerous destruction of the animals DNA. All these issues are mirrored by the enhancements in our all-natural and holistic formulations, limiting these hazards so detrimental to our pets health.

We take pride in our carefully selected meats, grains and vegetables and you can find full explanations to every and each one we use. There are no hidden “grouplistings”, no “EU-approved” or any other wordings so commonly used to hide the true source of rawmaterials used. We list them all, we explain them all, so you can rest assured that your pet gets natural and holistic nourishment from our foods for a healthy long life, without any hidden agenda. 

For smart, health-driven consumers genuine Atlantic salmon is on the grocery list. Eating salmon regularly is a great way to get your Omega 3’s. It tastes great and has 2 grams of Omega 3 including about 600mg of DHA per 100gram serving. Salmon provides some of the essential nutrients and fatty acids needed for good health and a sharp mind. Maintain good eating habits for you and your pet by eating fish at least twice a week, fatty fish like salmon because it is rich in Omega 3’s. Just as in Golden Eagle Holistic Health®

Golden Eagle Holistic Health® offers different products for each stage in a pet’s life, but also has a number of formulations ideal for all life stages. Not only for normal healthy pets, but also for pets suffering from allergies or pets prone to hereditable diseases. Geneticly predisposed pets are at risk of having those faulty genes to become active and thereby causing so many terrible diseases. Our secret recipe’s adress these chain reactions, by being clean of all those chemicals and additives, considered responsible and so common in pet foods today.

Compare Golden Eagle Holistic Health® to any other pet food brand. We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s a healthful, significant difference.

Health Foods from the Basic Five as one finds in the human food pyramid.

The healthful mix of ingredients you’ll find in Golden Eagle Holistic Health® products assures balanced nutrition at every level, at every meal, every day.


  1. Proteins – The foundation of every Golden Eagle Holistic Health® formula is lean protein. High–quality meats, like turkey, fish, chicken and pork, bring more to the food than just palatable flavor – they provide the protein and essential amino acids required for the proper nutrition of both dogs and cats.


  1. Dairy Group – Cottage cheese provides plenty of nutrient-rich calcium, protein and vitamins A and B.


  1. Vegetable Group – A bounty of fresh vegetables are found in Golden Eagle Holistic Health® pet foods, including carrots, potatoes, peas, tomatoes and lucerne alfalfa. These vegetables add the antioxidant vitamins A and C, carbohydrates, fiber and various minerals to the diet. And because these vegetables are fresh, whole, and not pre-processed or frozen, the flavors and most of the important nutrients – including the protector antioxidants – are locked in to be available for the pets digestion.


  1. Fruit Group – The fresh, whole apples used in Golden Eagle Holistic Health® pet foods provide important protector nutrients, as well as plenty of carbohydrates and fiber, essential for your pet’s good health. The antioxidant vitamin C helps to form healthy new cells and heal wounds. Potassium promotes neuromuscular development. And the antioxidants beta–carotene and Vitamin A aid in good vision, bone and tooth development, and building resistance to infections. In addition, apples and cranberry are included to provide a source of additional antioxidants at levels that have no significant effect on overall fiber content.


  1. Grain Group – All of the grains in Golden Eagle Holistic Health® and pet foods are natural whole grains. These grains are important sources of B vitamins, carbohydrates, iron, fiber, and selenium. The nutritious whole grains – barley and brown and white rice – provide important complex carbohydrates to support pets activity and exercise.


  1. Fats and Oils Group – Fats and oils make our food palatable by giving it a desirable smell and flavor, and are a key dietary source of essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6.

All above topped with our special blend of nutraceuticals; Beta-Carotene, Carnitine, Glucosamine. Chondroitin, MSM, Prebiotics and Taurine.

Our bags were designed to advice you of our fresh ingredients. Main ingredients were photographed and on each bag you will see the main ingredients in each formula. We hope this information convinces you to give your pet a change to try Golden Eagle Holistic Health® for 60 days. We are sure it will convince you too.

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