About us

We are a family-owned enterprise and our core value is simply quality. We can only compete with the major international brands by producing the healthiest and highest possible quality pet foods, all natural without any chemicals or artificial ingredients, added with health promoting nutraceuticals. We source our ingredients from local farmers, supporting the environment at the same time. Our products are delivered worldwide and have a solid following by pet owners who see the difference in their pet’s wellbeing by feeding our feeds to their pets. We are the first nutrigenomic pet food range in the world, utilising the latest scientific knowledge of the interaction of food ingredients and genes. For us, responsibility means putting the welfare of pets first, having the highest standards for quality, as well as always looking into more sustainable ways to develop every aspect of our activities.

Our pet foods are most likely the healthiest one can feed to their pets. We carry five different food ranges; holistic, hypo-allergenic, super premium and fresh ranges. All of the ranges include our special mix of nutraceuticals, BioHealth™ and Lactohealth™, all of which address the specific nutritional requirements of dogs. This makes Golden Eagle the most advanced natural petfood in the world and sets us apart from other brands on the pet market industry.

As our company´s mission is to provide a long and healthy life for pets which enables a happy and care-free life for the pet’s parents as well. We follow the latest science and research of healthy ingredients and integrate those into our pet foods.

Golden Eagle customer service team is always ready to assist regarding which food is the most suited for your pet. Customer service can be reached through multiple channels and we aim to respond quickly.  Being a small family company, the team is very close knit and each member brings in their commitment and enthusiasm into the fold. Maybe the core values boil down to love of pets. They are our family members and we want to feed them the best and healthiest food. By following the latest scientific research, enables us to integrate the knowledge of science into our feeds. Pets today are considered as family members and the knowledgeable pet parent is looking for healthier options to feed their pets and this is what we drive for.

Golden Eagle Petfoods were chosen as the best Probiotics enhanced dog food brand of 2021 by a British Lifestyle magazine LuxLife. To win the award there had to be evidence of extensive expertise within the given field, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

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Contact us via email info@goldeneaglepetfoods.com

You’ll find us on Instagram @goldeaglepetfoods_int